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Are You Maintaining Your Own Financial Records?

Degraw Consulting, LLC specializes in accounting consulting, income taxes and payroll for small and medium-sized business. We are qualified QuickBooks experts that can take the burden of keeping your company’s books from you. Our company will keep track of your company’s day-to-day books, monthly adjustments, and annual reporting.

Many business owners start their business with one thing in mind: To Make a Profit. What they do not realize is the bookkeeping and financial detail that goes into making a profit. Accurate, up-to-date financial record is the key to any business’s success. At Degraw Consulting, we lead you to this key.


Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping?

Why outsource your bookkeeping when you can just hire an in-house bookkeeper? Business owners ask themselves this because they think hiring an in-house bookkeeper will save money. Hiring an employee to maintain your books is actually more expensive. The company has to pay the employee’s wages, payroll taxes, computer, software, and more. So why add the extra expenses?

Drawing on our 8 years of experience, we at Degraw Consulting, LLC, save your company time and money by maintaining your company’s books. Our company excels in keeping accurate financial records while increasing your bottom line by saving you money. Let us take care of your bookkeeping so you can focus on what’s important to you: Your Business.



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